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Writing A Blog Post
Writing A Blog Post
How to write and categories blog posts.
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One of the best ways to get more traffic to your site is by blogging. This guide will teach you how to write and publish blogs as well as attribute them to their author(s).

Creating A Blog Post

Select BLOGS from your dashboard to be taking into the blogging section of your site.

Click "Add New" to create a new post.

Write the title of your blog post in the first input.

Start Writing
The text editor allows you to write anything you'd like. You can style the text and add images to the body of your blog post.

Add The Main Blog Image
It is import to have images for your blogs so that they look good in the feed. The feed is the list of all the posts.

Click the "Set Feature Image" on the right hand of your screen to set the main image.

Setting The Author
When you attribute a post to a "Person" then the post will be available on the persons profile on your site. This is great when you have multiple people writing. See the Creating People & Staff tutorial for how to add new People to your site.

Setting A Category
Categories are a great way to group your posts. You can have as many categories as you'd like. People often will have one for each of their ministries. main church, youth, kids etc. See the Page Builder tutorial on how to add a blog category to a page.

Publishing The Blog Post
The final step is to click the publish button. This will make your post live to the world. 

Scheduling Future Posts
You can also schedule posts to go live on a future date by setting the "Publish On" field to a date in the future.

The Final Product
Click the view button at the top of your screen and we can see our new blog post.

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