We are pros at building sites and want to help you out. Our setups cover our team building your site for you. We'll take information from your existing site, if you have one, and recreate a new site on our Platform. 

This isn't a paid feature but something that we like to do to help get you started.

What's Included

Free Setup
We will setup up to 15 pages for you for free. We've found that most organizations have less than 15 pages and fall into the free tier.

$99 Setup
If you need more than 15 pages we can do that as well. This is a once off payment of $99 and covers more than 15 pages, importing your podcast library and blogging history using your existing RSS feeds.

Custom Work
In rare cases people need something custom that doesn't exist on our Platform. We call this Sponsored Development. If you want to see if something it possible send us a message and we can work out a price.

Is there a catch?

The way we are able to do this for free is by you committing to stick with us for one year. If for some reason you need to cancel your account prior to a year we would need to charge the remainder of your 12 month period to cover the time we take building the site.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Follow these three steps and we will immediately add your site to our list of to build.

  1. Create an account by going to thechurchco.com/signup
  2. Choose a plan by going to your My Account page.
  3. Fill out our Migration Form so that we know what to use as a reference.
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