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Launching your site on a custom domain
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Please note this process can take several days to complete so leave yourself time before the weekend. It is best not to visit your website domain at all before starting this process. When adding a domain DO NOT CHECK THE PRIMARY DOMAIN BOX until you see the SSL Status say "Ready". 


  • If it is Friday, Saturday or Sunday you should not begin this process as it can take a few days to complete. It is best to launch your site on a monday.

  • Thanks 😀

Set up Billing

In order to use a custom domain on our Platform you have to be on a paid account.

  • Click My Accounts & Payments

  • Choose A Plan

  • Enter your Payment Method.

  • The domain mapping features will now be unlocked.

Purchase a domain

If you don’t already own a domain you can purchase a domain from any provider. We recommend They are easy and affordable and this link will give you a few dollars off.

Let's Get Started

Step 1: Adding The Domain

Add your domain to your dashboard by going to Custom Domains. DO NOT CHECK THE PRIMARY DOMAIN BOX

  • Enter your main domain that you want to use (example:

  • Enter your www domain (example:

Step 2: Updating DNS Records

Go to the place that you manage your DNS (GoDaddy, Namecheap, Hover, etc) and add the following records. Please note that you may need to update them or remove old ones that are already there to be able to add these new values. Set the TTL to the lowest value possible.

A @
   Type: A
   Host or Name: @

AAAA @ 2a09:8280:1:195f:7bd7:b696:d589:1a1b
   Type: AAAA
   Host or Name: @
   Value: 2a09:8280:1:195f:7bd7:b696:d589:1a1b

   Type: CNAME
   Host or Name: www

Some providers don't allow you to have an @ for your A record. In that case enter your domain name.

Below are reference documents for some major registrars. Feel free to use these for Step 2.

Step 3: Generate an SSL Certificate

Go back to the domains page in your dashboard on The Church Co site. 

  • Refresh the domain list.

  • Wait to see the status of the SSL Certificate.

  • Wait a few minutes between each refresh to give it time. It can take up to 48 hours.

  • When the SSL certificate says "Ready" it is safe to move on to the next step.

Step 4: Testing the Domain

Once you see the SSL Certificate say "Ready", open a new private window and type "" into the browser. Replace with your actual domain that has the valid SSL certificate. 

  • If you see your old website, that is completely normal. You'll need to wait longer and run this test again.

  • If you see the site redirect to your subdomain on The Church Co Platform then it is safe to proceed.

Step 5: Setting the Primary Domain.

Select the www. version of the domain you plan to use as the main domain and then click "Set Primary Domain". This will instantly log you out and redirect you to the login screen. This is normal. Go to your homepage and it will show on the new domain. You'll then be able to login in the future by going to (replace with your actual domain).

  • You may see a "Too Many Redirects" error when you change the domain. This is normal and will stop shortly after the change. Try clearing your cookies and cache and refreshing.

Step 6: Party!

You did it! It's best to wait a day before posting about your new site on social media but when you do tag @thechurchco so we can see it!

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