Launching your site is quick and easy. If you'd like, we will do all of this for you. Contact [email protected] and we'll take care of it.

If you'd rather do it yourself follow this guide exactly. There are no optional steps.

Set up Billing

In order to use a custom domain on our Platform you have to be on a paid account.

  • Click My Accounts & Payments
  • Choose A Plan
  • Enter your Payment Method.
  • The domain mapping features will now be unlocked.

Purchase a domain

If you don’t already own a domain you can purchase a domain from any provider. We recommend They are easy and affordable and this link will give you a few dollars off.

Pointing Your Domain to The Church Co

First we need to set up an account with CloudFlare to manage your DNS. It is free and offers added security. Our IP Address changes constantly so you CANNOT use A records to point to our sites.



  1. Log in to your domain registrar. This is the place where you purchased your domain. Some example of registrars are,,
  2. Navigate to the Domain sections of your register. This could be called DNS Manager, Zone File Settings, Manager Domains, Domain Manager or something similar.
  3. Write down all the current records so that you have them just incase you need to undo any of the changes.
  4. We need to add two new CNAME records to your domain.
  5. Click Add New (or something similar).Host: wwwRecord Type: CNAMEValue: ( where ‘yoursite’ is the name of your website where you’ve been making changes and adding pages)Click Save
  6. Click Add New again to add the second recordHost: @Record Type: CNAMEValue: ( where ‘yoursite’ is the name of your website where you’ve been making changes and adding pages)Click Save
  7. Remove any “A” Records that are listed as the root or the www.
  8. If you have any questions feel free to take a screenshot of your settings and email it to us. We will take a look and point you in the right direction.

IMPORTANT! Do NOT use “A” records to point to our site as our IP changes and this will cause your site to go down.


SSL Certificate

  • On your CloudFlare Dashboard select the Crypto Tab
  • Once your NameServers are active wait until you see the Status go to Active Certificate
  • Once you have an Active Cert it is safe to move to the next step

Mapping The Domain within your new website

Adding your custom domain to The Church Co account.

  1. Log Into your admin area
  2. If you haven’t already, enter your billing details on your My Account page. This will unlock the domains feature.
  3. Navigate to Tools > Domain Mapping
  4. Enter your domain in the text area.
  5. Click Add. (Do NOT check the set as primary box now. We will do this later. Setting this now will lock you out of your site until all the changes have gone through.)
  6. Your website will now be waiting for the domain changes to take effect. This can take several hours so don’t worry if you see any error. Check back later. Another thing to check it to load your new domain on your phone with wifi off. Once you notice that the domain is looking like your new site go to the next step.
  7. When you see that going to your custom domain is redirecting to the correct website then go back to Tools > Domain Mapping and set the domain as the primary domain by selecting it and then click “Set as primary domain”.
  8. You will be forced to log in again because your website is now using the proper domain.
  9. Done! If you run into any issues email us and we can help you.

Sites can take up to 48 hours for the changes to work their way through the system. Email us if you have any questions and we will be able to assist you.

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