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Adding A Small Group

How to add new small groups to your site

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This article covers:

  • Creating a new Group

  • Adding a Group to A Category/Type

  • What each field does.

There are many names for groups. Your church or organization might call them Small Groups, eGroups, Connect Groups, Life Groups, Cell Groups... this is a system that makes it easy for people to find these groups.

Go to the Groups section of your dashboard.

Click Add New.
Clicking Add New will open a new Groups Creation Form.

Fill out the form. Here we will break down what each field means and does.

  • Main Title: The Main Title is the name of the group. This is what will display when people are searching for the group.

  • Optional Image: When an image is added, this will display in the groups feed and on the individual groups page. 

  • Day: This is free text so that you can add any format or language that you'd like. You should pick a format and stick with it. The options that you enter here will display for people to filter by.

  • Time: This is the time that the group meets.

  • Location Area: This is free text so that you can use it in a way that works for your church. Some people add regions of their area here. Other people use this as a Campus Selector if they are a multicampus church. 

  • Address Settings: For privacy, you have the option to hide the address so that it isn't public for everyone. This will remove it from the map. You can set this to Hide, Show, or to Show only for Members that are logged in to your Members Portal.

  • Address: This is the Physical Address that the group meets at. This will add the group to the map view and populates the Get Directions button so that it is easy for your people to find the groups.

  • Leaders Email: This is a contact for the Group Leader. You can comma separate emails so that multiple people can receive emails submissions.

  • Show/Hide Form: Choose whether to display the default groups form on the page. Submissions to this form will go to the Leaders Email

  • Page Builder: This is the default site page builder so that your the Group can have a custom page. For more information on this see the Page Builder section of our docs.

  • Groups Category: This is another way of providing filters for your groups. Some people use this for campus, age group or by ministries. You add a new Category here or check the box on a existing category.

Publish the Groups. Click the blue Publish/Save button. The group will now be visible wherever the Groups Block is used. If you haven't set up a groups page yet. See our Settings up a groups page guide.

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