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Adding A Pop-up Announcement
Adding A Pop-up Announcement
Learn to create banner o pop-up notification style announcements on your site.
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To add a popup, head to Announcements on your dashboard and click add new.

Enter a catchy title

Including keywords is one of the simplest and most effective ways to help your announcement be discovered. Picking a title that is catchy and relevant to the topic of your pop-up is another way of captivating readers.

Enter the Announcement Details

Image: A good square image relevant to the information for better results

Text: Keep your announcement short and Sweet

Link: Link your announcement to a page on your site, this can be the event you are trying to promote or an upcoming series. You can also link it to any external URL if it needs to go to another website.

Display on: this option lets you set your announcement to display on all the pages or on specific pages you choose.

Style: This Option allows you to change the type or notification, We have 2 options available, both options catch users' attention without getting in the way.

  • Notification: This is a pop-up style notification that sits on the bottom-left corner of the page

  • Banner: This banner sits on top of the pages, this one is great for last minute urgent annoucements.

To make your announcement live, click Publish

New Features

Unpublish Date: You can now pick a date in the future for the announcement to dissapear from the page. the pop-up will unpublish itself automatically.


If you have more than one announcement assigned to a page only the most recent will display.

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