Creating A Prayer Wall is easy. 

  1. Create a new Page or edit the page you'd like to add the wall to.

  2. Add the Prayer Block onto the page using the Page Builder

  3. Editing the settings to set the button text and who the email should be sent to.

  4. Publish the Page.

Approving Prayer Requests via Email.

  1. In the email that is sent when a request is submitted is a link. Click this link and the request will automatically be added to the wall.

Approving via your dashboard

  1. Click Prayer on your dashboard. 

  2. Click the request you'd like to review.

  3. Click Publish to approve and add to the wall.

Removing a Prayer Request

  1. Click Prayer on your dashboard

  2. Click the request you'd like to remove

  3. Change the status from Published to Draft 

  4. Click Update.

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