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How to submit my Podcast to iTunes and other platforms
How to submit my Podcast to iTunes and other platforms
Publish your podcast to iTunes, Spotify and other platforms.
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STEP 1: Make sure your podcast feed is how you want it.

STEP 2: Copy your podcast feed URL.

Click "Categories" in the top right corner.

On the Categories page, click on RSS Feed.

A new page with a bunch of code will open up. In the URL bar of your browser you'll find your podcast feed. Copy this and use it to submit your podcast to iTunes and other platforms.

STEP 3: Submit your podcast to iTunes, Spotify and other platforms.

Below are links to instructions on how to submit your podcast to each of the popular platforms (it's completely free). When setting up an account on any of these platforms, we recommend that you use a general email like [email protected] because it can be a pain (sometimes impossible) to change the account email later if you ever leave staff.

ℹ️ Use the Podcast Feed URL you copied above to submit your podcast. ℹ️

How to submit to iTunes

How to submit to Spotify

  • Go here and complete the application process.

How to submit to Google Podcasts

  • You actually aren't able to submit your podcast to Google Podcasts directly. Instead, Google needs to index your site and will find it natively after a few days. We recommend going here to request that Google index your site and, after about two weeks, check here to see if your podcast is listed on Google Podcasts.

  • Please know that Google Podcasts and Google Play are different platforms. It seems that Google is likely to discontinue Google Play at some point, so we wouldn't bother submitting your podcast to be listed there.

If you have a church app, the app company you use may be able to pull in your feed if you provide them with the Podcast RSS feed. Lastly, after a few weeks of being on iTunes, some alternative platforms may also pick up your podcast on their own.

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