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How to redirect my iTunes podcast feed
How to redirect my iTunes podcast feed
Keep all your iTunes Podcast subscribers
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If you're wanting to host your podcast on The Church Co and are coming from another platform that hosted your podcast feed, then you'll need to let iTunes know that you have an updated feed URL. This is important to do so you keep all of your current podcast subscribers and so they don't have to resubscribe.

STEP 1: Login to Podcast Connect
Login here to Podcast Connect using the iTunes account that was used when you originally submit the your podcast to iTunes.

Step 2: Add your new The Church Co podcast feed URL
Once in Podcast Connect, select your podcast. In the URL field, paste your TCC podcast feed URL (follow these instructions to find the URL) and then click Save.

If you'd like to have your podcast sermon files migrated over to The Church Co, we offer an add-on option to do this for you for a one-time fee of $99 (this covers the data transfer). Just email or chat us to start the process.

Note: For Spotify, login to your account and provide the updated URL. Most other podcast platforms are following the iTunes URL feed, so they'll update themselves after a week or two.

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