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Using The Church Co Embeds Plan
Using The Church Co Embeds Plan

Embed The Church Co Features on your current website

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Getting Started.

  1. Signup for an account by going to

  2. Choose the Website Embeds plan.

Enabling Embeds on your existing website.

To make embeds work we require a script to be added to the footer of your website. Copy and paste the following code into the footer of your existing website.

<script src=""></script>

Creating an Embed

1. On your dashboard click "Embeds"

2. Click the "Add New Page" button and Give your page a title in this example we will call it "PCO Groups Embed" and click Create.

3. Add any of the Page Builder Blocks to the page. You can use any elements to build out dynamic snippets. For this example, we are going to add the Groups Block.

4. Add and edit the block to your liking.

5. Copy the Code Snippet.

5. Paste the Snippet into your existing website.

<thechurchco src=""></thechurchco> 

Set the Branding and Colors to match your website.

Use the Design & Themes section of your Dashboard to set your Fonts and Colors so that the embed looks seamlessly integrated with your existing site.

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