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TheChurchCo Online Giving via Stripe
TheChurchCo Online Giving via Stripe
Online Giving Setup
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TheChurchCo Online giving is powered by Here is how to get up and running.

First, this is a Premium & Ultimate plan feature so you'll need to upgrade or purchase that plan before beginning.

Setting Up Your Stripe Account
Our online giving system is powered by Stripe ( You will need to create an account with Stripe and verify your account. Please note that you need a valid business number to activate your account. Also, if you are a nonprofit email [email protected] and they will give you a reduced rate.

Adding Your Details To Your Site
From your site’s dashboard click the “Site Settings” tab from the list at the bottom of your Dashboard. This is where we will manage all of your payment settings. Click the “Giving” tab from the list of settings (see below). You will need to add your Stripe API keys. Don’t worry, they are easy to find. Login to Stripe. Click “API” on the left-hand side of your screen. You can copy the Publishable and Secret key from there. Remember Live mode accepts real donations.

Enter your keys, set your currency, set the currency symbol such as “$” and also set the success and error messages. These will display when someone makes a donation.

Create a Giving Page
You can either create a new page or add a giving form to an existing page. To add the donation form to a page add a new section on the page by clicking “New Page Builder Block”

Select the Giving Block from the Page Builder.

Enter your titles and the default amount you’d like the form to be set to. You can also control if the user can enter their own amount or only give the amount you set. You also have control over the frequency to allow them to give monthly or once-off.

Click Save of Publish to add the block to the Page.

That's it! You can now take donations via your website.

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