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How to Add a Staff Member
How to Add a Staff Member
In this article, you'll learn how to add a staff member to your website.
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1. Select People and Staff

From the dashboard, select the People and Staff icon to add a new person.

2. Fill out your profile

Fill out all of the profile information you desire, making sure to add: Name, Full Name, First Name, Last Name, and Position. Add your staff bio in the Biography section, and fill out any other fields to your liking (i.e. Email, Phone, Social Media, etc.).

3. Add a Cover Photo

Select the Cover Photo button that says Add Image. Upload a photo by dragging and dropping into the media library. Upload a photo that is at least 2500x1000px.
Pro Tip: Create one image that is a solid color or darkened with a brand color overlay and use it for all of your staff profiles.

4. Add a Profile Photo

Select the Add Image button under Profile Picture, following the same process as adding a Cover Photo.

Pro Tip: For good consistency, upload all staff photos with the same dimensions. We recommend a square image that is at least 1000x1000px.

5. Finish Adding Staff Member

Wrap up your profile by clicking the Add New Person button.

6. View Profile

You did it! Now, view your staff profile page and smile at your amazing team member. To see how to get your staff on your website, check out our other article for Creating a Staff Page.

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