Create a Staff Page
In this article, you'll learn how to create a simple staff page with all of your team members.
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1. Add New Page

From the dashboard, click the Pages icon and Add New Page.

2. Add Page Title and Publish

Add the name of your page. We suggest one short word as this is the end of your URL for your web address. Then, click Publish and Visual Editor. This will launch the Visual Page Builder for easier editing.

3. Add Header Title and Page Header Image

To start populating your blank page, add a Header Title, Subheading, and a Page Header Image.

4. Darken Image and Save

To make the title easier to read on the image background, select the Options tab and Darken Header.

5. Add Team Block

Add a new page builder block. Select the Team Block.

6. Add Team Members

Select the Team tab and click New Team Member. Start adding all of your team members you wish to be on the page.

To find team member, be sure to read this article on Adding Team Members.

7. Reorder Team Members

Once you have all of your team members added, reorder them how you like by clicking and dragging the number on the left side of the team member.

8. Choose Image Mask

You can select the image mask for your team member profile photos—circle or square.

9. Add Contact Form

To make contacting your staff easy, add a Contact Form block to your page. This will accept messages to one account in your dashboard to make it easy on your site visitors. For good visual design, click the Settings tab and choose the Dark Background to separate your sections.

10. View Page

You did it! All of your staff are on your website.

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