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How to Create a Sermon Library
How to Create a Sermon Library
This article shows how to add a sermon library to your website.
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You are preaching every Sunday, every weekend, every year. That ends up to be a lot of sermons over the years, so you may want an easy way for people to view your past sermons. Well, you're in luck! In this article, we'll show you how to create a sermon library for your website.

1. Open the sermon page editor

From your dashboard, select the Pages tab. Find your Sermons page and hover over the page title and click Visual Editor. If you don't have a Sermons page yet, go to Pages and click Add New.

2. Add a new podcast block

After the page editor launches, click New Page Builder Block. Find the Podcasts block and select it.

Note: The block is labeled Podcasts, but it is the same block for sermons, both video and audio.

3. Sermon library feed options

You have a few options on how to showcase your sermon library, and you can create any number of combinations. We're going to show you three examples of how to display sermon content here.

Sermon series library

In the Podcasts block, select the Podcasts tab. We'll leave the podcast type set to Latest Podcasts. Now, choose your Category, which is what will display your different sermon series. Set it to All Sermons. Finally, set the Podcast Display to By Series and click Save to publish your block.

Note: Your sermon categories options may say "Church" instead of "All Sermons." To see how we set up our categories, read this article on How to Add a Sermon Series.

Feature Latest Sermon and Series

If you want to feature just your most recent sermon and sermon series, we got you covered. Let's add a heading and call it Latest Sermon Series. Next, switch to the Podcasts block. We'll keep it set at Latest Podcasts, but now let's select a specific series category. You can choose how many sermons to display at a time, but it should be at least set to 1. Finally, to feature the most recent sermon published, check the box to Feature Latest.

Note: You can feature a sermon or sermon series on any page on your website using the Podcasts block, so this option is great for something like your homepage of your website. We suggest setting the limit to 1 and checking the Feature Latest box.

Sermon Filter Feed

You can also set your sermon feed to display all of your sermons and include a filter option. Select the Podcasts tab, make sure your podcast type is set to Latest Podcasts. Then, choose the display option Filter Feed. Click Save to publish your changes. Now, you have a dropdown at the top of your sermons where you can filter by sermon series or speaker.

Feature Latest Sermon and Series Library

Now, let's combine a couple display options. Add a new Podcast block. Enter Latest Sermon in the Heading Title. Select the Category for your current sermon series. Limit the number to display as 1. Check the box for Feature Latest.

Next, add another Podcast block for your sermon series library. Enter Sermon Library for the title. In the Podcast tab, select Latest Podcasts, set the Category to All Sermons, and choose By Series for the Podcast Display. To add some separation between the sections, let's go to Settings and set the Background to Dark.

Click Save to publish your page.


You did it! You have now successfully added a sermon library to your website. You can create any combination of sermon archives on any number of pages, so this process is useful for other types of video content such as devotions, announcements, or podcasts. To see all of the different sermon display types and how they work, check out this sermon page here. Let's see those sermon pages!

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