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How to Create a Site URL Redirect
How to Create a Site URL Redirect
This article will show you how to create a website URL redirect.
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There are times where you want to direct people to a specific website URL, but you want it to be very easy for people to find. Instead of telling people to visit, it is much easer to say Let's make a URL redirect.

1. Select Redirects from your Dashboard

Login to your dashboard and scroll down to the Redirects tab.

2. Add the Source URL

Scroll down to the heading that says Add new redirection. In the Source URL field, add /yourtext. The "/" represents the end of your website, so immediately after

The text is whatever you want to be the word people will add to the end of your website that is easy to remember and easy to spell. For instance, if you want to link to a connect card you can say /connect.

3. Add the Target URL

The Target URL is the link you are trying to point people to. When someone enters, it will redirect to your target URL. Copy and Paste your desired URL into the Target URL field.

4. Click Add Redirection

Click Add Redirection to save your new redirect. That's it! You did it. You can add any number of redirects to your site, and each URL will track "Hits" so you can see how many times people access that link. If you see some staying at 0 Hits, you can probably remove that redirect.

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