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How to Add your Social Media Links
How to Add your Social Media Links
This article shows you how to add your social media links to your Church Co website footer.
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Your website is your main connection point for visitors and your congregation, but it is not your only digital space for your church. You probably have social media accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. To make it easy for your website visitors to find you on social media, we've made it easy to update your social media links displayed in the footer of your website. Here's how to do it.

1. Login into your Church Co dashboard

To update your social media links, you'll find that in your dashboard. Login into dashboard at

2. Site Settings

Scroll down in your dashboard and find the Site Settings tab.

3. Add Your Social Media Links

Select the Social Media tab in the left side of the settings panel. Paste your social media links into their respective fields. Click the Update button to save your settings.

4. View Your New Footer

You did it! You now added your social media links for your users to follow you on your different channels. Click your Church's Name in the upper left corner to view the live site. Great job!

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