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How to Update Your Footer Contact Information
How to Update Your Footer Contact Information
This article shows you how to add your contact information to the footer of your website.
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Sometimes you may think that the bottom part of your website is like the junk drawer in your house, just collecting random odds and ends. On your Church Co website, we've made it easy for you to keep your footer clean and purposeful by making it easy for you to add your church's contact information. Here's how.

1. Login to Your Dashboard

To update your social media links, you'll find that in your dashboard. Login into dashboard at

2. Site Settings

Scroll down in your dashboard and find the Site Settings tab.

3. Update Your Contact Info

Add your contact information into each of the fields. When you add your phone number and email, it automatically creates a link to call and email those when selected by your users. To set giving, you can add a link directly to your giving page by putting /give, or you can link directly to your giving platform (for Planning Center Integrations, simply add #pcogiving). Click Update to save your changes.

4. View Your New Footer

You did it! You now updated your contact information for your footer details. Click your Church's Name in the upper left corner to view the live site. Great job!

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