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How to Change your Theme
How to Change your Theme
This article shows you how to change your site's theme with one click.
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One of the best features of your Church Co website is the ability to change the design of your site completely with one click! When you update your theme, your content stays exactly the same while your website gets a fresh, new design. Here's how.

1. Login into your Church Co dashboard

To update your social media links, you'll find that in your dashboard. Login into dashboard at

2. Launch the Site Customizer

To begin editing the design of your site, select Design & Themes in your dashboard. You will be launched into the site Customizer.

You can also launch the Customizer at anytime from your website while you are logged in. Simply click Customize in your admin bar on the top of your website.

3. Browse Theme Options

The top customization option shows your Active Theme. Select the Change button to view theme options.

4. Preview Theme

Find a theme that you like, and launch the Live Preview. You can see what your new site looks like before you make it live. This is a great way to test some of the theme options to find a design that fits your church.

5. Activate and Publish

If you are not ready to change your theme, click the "X" in the upper left corner to close your Customizer and no changes will be saved. If you are happy with your new them, simply click Activate & Publish to make your new theme live. That's it! you just redesigned your website. Pretty easy, right?

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