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How to Set your Brand Colors
How to Set your Brand Colors
This article will show you how to update your website's colors to match your church's brand.
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When you first receive your new website, it comes with a default color scheme. You can easily update the colors for different parts of your website by setting your own church's brand colors. Before you get started, have your church's brand color palette ๐ŸŽจ hex codes handy so you can copy and paste them into the website customizer.

1. Login into your Church Co dashboard

To update your social media links, you'll find that in your dashboard. Login into dashboard at

2. Launch the Site Customizer

To begin editing the design of your site, select Design & Themes in your dashboard. You will be launched into the site Customizer.

You can also launch the Customizer at anytime from your website while you are logged in. Simply click Customize in your admin bar on the top of your website.

3. Select Colors and Sizes

Select Colors & Sizes in the lefthand panel in the Customizer.

4. Set Your Brand Colors

You can set three different colors for your brand: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. Each of these options are then available to set as a background color for individual page builder blocks. For each color, set a text color that will display on your brand color backgrounds.

Click Publish to save your changes.

Note: Keep in mind good web design accessibility. It is more important to have easily readable fonts than aesthetic color combinations. Aim for the highest color contrast as possible.

5. Block Background Colors

After you set all your brand colors, now they will show up in different parts of your website when you select your background color in page builder blocks.

Open your Visual Editor. For Page Header, click the Options tab and set the Header Type to your different colors.

For other blocks, click the Settings tab and choose your Background to one of your brand colors.

To make multiple blocks appear in the same section, set the background to be the same for each block.

You did it! Great job setting your brand colors. This is just a small adjustment you can make on your website to display your church's visual identity.

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