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Add Your Church's Logo to Your Website
Add Your Church's Logo to Your Website
This article shows you how to upload and set your church's logo for your website.
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The most recognizable visual for your church brand identity is most likely your logo. Almost every website on the internet features an organization's logo as one of the first items on the top of the website homepage, and your church website is no different. If your church has a logo, this article will show you how to upload it and set it in your website header menu.

1. Login into your Church Co dashboard

To update your social media links, you'll find that in your dashboard. Login into dashboard at

2. Launch the Site Customizer

To begin editing the design of your site, select Design & Themes in your dashboard. You will be launched into the site Customizer.

You can also launch the Customizer at anytime from your website while you are logged in. Simply click Customize in your admin bar on the top of your website.

3. Remove Default Logo

In the left panel, select the Add Your Logo tab. Click Remove to remove the default logo.

4. Add Your Logo

Next, click the Select Image button. Drag and drop your logo file to upload into the media library or browse and select one if you uploaded it previously.

5. Select Logo Size

You can adjust your logo size to Small, Medium, and Large. Choose the one that best fits your logo and your site. We generally recommend setting your logo to Medium.

Note: For best results, your logo file should be no more than 500px wide and 150px high when upload it. Make sure your file is saved as a .png with transparent background.

6. Publish

When you are happy with your new logo and size, click Publish to save your changes. You can also click the Gear icon and Save Draft. Your changes will stay in your customizer but not appear in the live site.

You did it! Your church website is starting to look more unique and tailored to your church's brand identity. Great job!

7. Bonus! Set Your Site Icon

Your Site Icon, or Favicon, is the small version of your logo that appears in the tab of your web browsers. This adds a nice finishing touch to your website and makes it easily recognizable when someone has multiple browser tabs open.

  1. In your Design & Themes Customizer, select Add Your Logo

  2. Remove the default icon

  3. Click Select Image and drag and drop your Icon to upload (site icon should be at least 512 x 512px)

  4. Click Select and and Crop Image or Skip Cropping

  5. Publish to save your changes

Here's a view of your site icon (favicon) in your browser tab.

That's it! Your website is looking really polished. Great job!

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