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Image and Media Size Limits
Image and Media Size Limits
Not seeing a photo, graphic or other piece of media that you've uploaded?
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Upload limits for individual media file sizes

  • Images: 3mb upload limit for all images and graphics (jpgs, pngs, etc)

  • Videos: 15mb upload limit for header background videos (non-header videos are not supported)

  • Audio: No limit, but we recommend keeping it under 100mb for audio files

Why does TCC have media file size upload limits? Large files impact your website speeds, especially on mobile.

While The Church Co is already optimized for fast page loading times and overall speed, the one thing that can hinder it (and any website builder) and make it feel slow is large media files, especially photos and videos. If a page on TCC feels like it's loading slowly for visitors then it's likely due to images that are unnecessarily large. To keep your site as fast as possible, we recommend trying to keep images under 1mb, ideally under 500kb, and only using jpgs for things like photos.

When to use JPGs vs. PNGs and why it matters

If it's a graphic that has a transparent background (like a logo), then it's best to use a png file. However, if it's just a photo then you can save a considerable amount of space by making sure it's a jpg instead of a png. If you're on a Mac then you can convert a png to a jpg by opening it in Preview then exporting the image as a jpg. Both PC's and Macs have third party apps available that allow you to bulk convert and there are plenty of online programs that can help you convert a png photo to a jpg, like Shutterstock, and

Why you likely need to resize your images

If you've already converted your png photos to jpg and your images are still too large, here's one example where the header image on this church's page was 17mb alone. For context, that 3x-4x the size of what you'd want the whole page size to be (meaning all images, content and code).

The photo was 6000x4000, which is higher definition than even 4K (3840x2160). I went ahead and opened it in the built-in editor, but you can use any 3rd party image editor to do this as well (like Mac's built in Preview or I resized it to be just 2600 wide, but could have gone down to 1920 or even less and the picture quality would have remained unchanged to the untrained eye.

The Church Co has a built-in compression system that applies to images that are resized from the media library, so it went from 17mb to less than 1mb in size (just 700kb).

While the page load speed will be noticeable by that change alone, it's a significant difference when this optimization is done to all images on the page (even those that are around 2-3mb in size). This speed difference will be even more noticeable by your site visitors that are on their phone, which on average makes up at least 60% of church website visitors.

What about videos?

Just as with images, videos need to be optimized for web speed as well. The Church Co only supports hosted video for video background headers and videos only up to 15mb in size. This is because we want to make sure that your site visitors aren't waiting for a large background video to load just so they can view a page.

To keep a video below 15mb you'll want to make sure you follow these steps:

  1. Keep the video under 30 seconds long. No site visitor is going to sit there for longer than that (or really even 15 seconds) to watch a header background video. They're meant to give visitors just a glimpse of the in-person experience at your church and anything more in-depth should be part of a welcome video that's featured on your site, usually your home page or plan-a-visit page.

  2. Resize it to 1080p or 720p. No one is going to need to see a 4K video as part of a header background. If you're under 30 seconds and still can't get the video below 15mb, try exporting your video as 720p instead. It's still HD and the vast majority of site visitors will be using a device where they won't be able to notice the difference.

And if you've tried those things and still can't get the header video background below 15mb (or want to use a video somewhere else), then we also support YouTube and Vimeo videos as header video backgrounds.

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