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Create an Apple Developer Account
Create an Apple Developer Account
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Creating an Apple Developer account and enrolling is simple.

Go to the apple developer portal and click on "Account", if you already have an Apple ID click sign in, else click on "Create yours now" to create your apple id.

Let's go ahead and provide all the required information. Enter your first and last name here, select the country or region from the drop-down menu, and enter your date of birth. Enter your apple id and password. Re-enter your password here for Confirmation. Next, select your country code and enter the phone number here.

Now select the option through which you want to verify your phone number, enter the captcha code in the text box and click on the continue button. Once done, a new pop-up to confirm your email will open.

Check your Emails that you have used for creating your apple id, and you will see an email verification mail from apple. Now enter the verification code to verify your email address. Once done, you'll be redirected to the apple developer agreement page, review the agreement, select the confirmation checkbox and click on the submit button.

Now you'll be redirected to your developer dashboard. Click on join the apple developer program here. You can read all about the apple developer program.

Now click on the enroll button to enroll in the developer program.

Now you'll be redirected to the personal information section, enter your details such as name and phone number address in the required fields, and then click continue select your identity type, which is the type of account you are enrolling.

Registering as an organization will display the Organisation / Church's name on the app store. Registering as an organization requires you to submit documents and create a DUNS number, this process takes roughly a week.

After reviewing the apple developer program license agreement, tick this check box to accept the agreement and click continue. Now you'll be redirected to the purchase section here, and you can check the apple developer program membership type enrollment id cost and duration of the program. The apple developer program is 99 dollars per membership a year.

Once done, click on purchase, and you'll be redirected to the payment and billing information section. Now enter the payment and billing information. Once done, click on continue to complete the purchase. Once you complete your purchase, you will receive a purchase acknowledgement and a membership confirmation email.

Once inside your Apple Developer Portal, click "People”. Click on the Plus button and type in First Name: Church

Last Name: Co

Roles: "Admin"

Click Invite

And that's how you create an apple developer account, enrol in the program, and invite The Church Co to create your app!

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