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This will help you edit the header on your webpages.
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Editing your header can be a simple thing! You can create a great-looking header in just a few steps, so let's get started!

We will start out by talking about some practical elements of the header block and what you can do within it. Then I will give some other tips for the header block as well as a couple of unique ways of using it.

The first thing you will need to do is navigate to the page you would like to edit the header on, and click on the edit button. From there you will see Page Header, you can click on the box to open up the header block content.

When you click on that option, it will open up the first of three tabs for the editor for the header. The first is Title & Text.

There are three types of text you can add here:

  • Title: This is the most important content, hero content.

  • Subtitle: This would be your second most important header or a continuation of the header started up above in the Title section.

  • Text: This would be any description for the sections above.

Once you have entered the text, you will see a place to set the alignment for the text elements you added.

Just beneath that is the place you can edit the header photo, as well as make it darker. You will want to check this box if your text needs some help standing out from the photo background.

The second tab at the top of the header blocks is for your Buttons. Here you will enter any of the info for your buttons, as well as the URLs or links to a specific page on your site. You can choose Default or Action style to have two different styles.

The third tab at the top of the header is full of some options you can change or edit to have further control over your header block.

These are things like the ability to add an image carousel, or add a video link to use as a background with your header. If you click on the dropdown menu it opens up with a handful of options!

Normally, you will want to use Theme Default if you are using the text and buttons like normal on the header.

The image-only option allows you to show an image and not be cropped or masked in or out by the browser. This will show the image at full size in the space available. This is often a popular option if you are trying to use a specific graphic with text in the graphic.

Slides display the header carousel of images you can add to the carousel. You can add up to a total of four images in the carousel.

Hide Header does just what it says! It hides the header content and makes the next block become the top block with the navigation.

The rest of the options make the header background the color that corresponds with the colors you've set up in the Theme color settings.

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