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Adding Recurring Events
Adding Recurring Events
This is a guide to creating recurring events on your website.
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Events are one key element of any great church website! They give new visitors info about what is going on in the life of the church, as well as an easy way to get connected. For current attenders, they provide simple ways to stay engaged with the mission and vision of your organization. In this guide, we will talk about the recurring events feature! So let's get started.

Understanding how to add events is important with this Help Doc! If you haven't already read the guide on that or just need a refresher, check it out here!

The first step in adding a recurring event is to select the Events option in the dashboard.

From there, you can click "Add New" in the top left corner to get started creating a new event.

This will open up a new view where you will begin entering your event details.

Start by adding in your Event title, and any event details. Then you will see the option to select the date and frequency.

Since this is a recurring event, select that drop down and choose the frequency for your event. Then you can choose a starting date and time, and an ending date and time. If you choose an ending date, that will have the event recur or repeat until that date. If you do not set the ending date, the event will repeat indefinitely.

From there you can enter the remaining details, add in a graphic if you would like, and then hit publish!

Once you publish the event, you can view it to see how the recurring status will be displayed. If you are inside the event details, you will see recurring info near the top of the page.

If you are looking at your events page, it will show you all of the events in the recurring event, until you have the event set to end with an ending date.

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