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Linking images to a Revision Form
Linking images to a Revision Form

Submit images with your list of revisions

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There are a few ways to send images along with your revision list.

upload the images directly to your site

You can add images directly to the media library of your site by going to your dashboard:

You can drag and drop images directly to your uploads folder. Once uploaded, you can click the image and find the unique link for each image. copy the url for each image and add it to your revision list.

Alternatively, You can let the team know that you added the images to the media library and they can reference them while making changes.

Use an image-sharing service

You can submit images by using 3rd party image sharing services like:
​Google Drive

Wetransfer (make sure to share as a link and not send via email)

When sharing via Google Drive or Dropbox, please ensure to make these links public so any member of our team can access these assets.

If you are having any issues, do not hesitate to email our team at [email protected].we would love to answer any questions and help you submit these images to our team along with the list of revisions.

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