Adding a New Sermon

This article will show you how to add a new sermon and add it to a sermon series.

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In this article, we'll show you how to add a new sermon to your website. If you want to add your sermon to a sermon series to display on your website as a sermon series library, be sure to read this article first: How to Create a Sermon Series.

1. Add New Podcast or Sermon

From your dashboard, select the Podcasts & Sermons tab. If you are starting from scratch, hover over the placeholder My First Podcast and select Trash. Click Add New to create your first sermon.

2. Add Title and Video Link

On the new sermon page, enter your sermon title in the top field. Next, copy & paste the video link to your sermon.

Note: Your sermon videos only work with YouTube or Vimeo. This article uses Vimeo. If you are using YouTube, the process is the same. Simply paste the share link URL to your video.

Add Audio Only File

You can also upload just an audio file for your sermon. This is helpful if you do not record your sermons with video. Simply click Add File under the Audio label, and upload your file or select it from your media library. Click Save to publish your sermon with audio only. If you host your sermon audio on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts, you can simply copy and paste the audio link to your episode in the External Audio URL field.

3. Add description and sermon information

If you choose, you can add a short description or full transcript for your sermon in the text editor. Next, select the speaker typing the name in the People field and selecting the right person. Check the category boxes to add your sermon to a sermon series and all sermons. Add a featured image, using the sermon series graphic or a unique thumbnail image. Finally, save as a draft to finish later, schedule to publish at a later date, or publish immediately.

Note: To make sermon publishing smoother, make sure you already have your speaker(s) added to your People and Staff lists and your Sermon Series created.

4. View your live sermon

You did it! Your sermon is now published and live on your website. You can view the sermon by choosing one of the link options that say View Post or View.

That's it! To learn how to add your sermons to a sermon library, check out this other article How to create a sermon series library.

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